Choosing a Paint Contractor

Choosing a Paint Contractor

How do I choose a painting contractor?

Choosing the right painting contractor makes all the difference

Often times, homeowners are disappointed in their painting contractor after the project is completed. Knowing the right questions to ask up front can make all the difference in the world. If you are not familiar with hiring contractors, use these questions to uncover potential problems BEFORE they happen.

Check your contractor’s reputation

Always do your research about the painting company’s reputation before you choose one. Check their Google reviews, customer testimonials, Yelp reviews, etc. You may also check business referrals and local references. GOOD painting companies always have good references and reputation. See a sample of Fenger Painting’s reference letter.

Company information questions

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are your workers paid as employees? And are they covered under your worker’s compensation policy?
  • Do you have an active liability policy, and can you send me a copy?
  • Are you currently licensed through the state?
  • Do you require a deposit and what kind of payment options do you provide?
  • Do you have recent referrals you can send me from customers in my area?
  • Can I see examples of the work you have completed? Do you have a website?

Job information questions

  • Will you provide a detailed estimate, including each step in the job?
  • How long will the project take? Can you guarantee the completion date?
  • What TYPE and brand of paint is being used, as well as other types of materials (e.g. caulking, primers, etc.).
  • How many coats of paint will you be applying?
  • How will you apply the paint? With brushes and rollers or spray equipment?
  • What kind of prep is included in your bid?
  • Will you be moving my furniture, or do I need to do it prior to the start date?
  • What hours will your crew work?
  • During which phases of the project will you (the contractor) be on site with the crew?

Insist on expertise and experience

Expertise is crucial when it comes to hire a residential painting contractor. An experienced and certified (licensed) professional painter knows exactly how to customize their work to fit your painting needs and requirements. Painters with many years of experience will know exactly what kind of paint and processes will result in a job that the homeowner can be proud of.

These questions won’t avoid ALL problems that can occur, but they will help avoid some of the most common. Of course, you should always insist on a written contract that details all of the work to be performed.